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Pulley Alignment

Lasalign specialise in Laser Pulley Alignment.

We have also introduced a new Pulley/Sheave Laser Alignment Tool which is easy to use and far more efficient and effective than other methods.

For more information or a QUOTE please contact Lasalign | Laser Alignment and Reliability Services on 0412 169 187

Pulley/Sheave Laser Alignment Tool | Pulley Alignment

  • Misalignment and guesswork will eventually destroy your expensive equipment
  • Our new laser alignment tools solves these type of problems.
  • Premature failure and accelerated belt and pulley wear are a thing of the past.
  • Step into the future with this American Made laser Alignment Tool. It’s economical , portable, with very little training required.

The LASER and magnetic targets set up in minutes, showing you exactly what to do.

  • Reduce vibration
  • Extend the life of belts and pulleys
  • Aids proper belt tensioning
  • Eliminates downtime and production delays

Comes with adjustable targets for pulleys of different thicknesses.

Alignment with a string or straight edge normally takes two mechanics. With our laser alignment tool, one operator can

align pulleys quickly and easily. All adjustments are “live” and easy to accomplish accurately.


Pulley Alignment Tool


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